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At PT.Dragon Jakarta, we provide full support from planning to implementation of marketing and sales promotions for the Asian market centering on our Indonesian base.

Based on the trends of each market, We provide one stop services with full support such as digital marketing, event planning/production/management, PR, market research, test marketing, and setting up business meetings.

Inbound business

We propose effective promotions to meet needs, such as drawing visitors to Japan by exhibiting at local travel fair events, creating travel products through sales calls to local travel agencies, and holding unique seminars and business meetings.

Market research

Sample survey / event questionnaire survey / interview survey / report creation and analysis

Event planning and management

Exhibition travel fair event research / booth design production and construction / venue arrangement / technical equipment arrangement / MC and interpreter arrangement / measures to attract customers / various executive support

Seminar/business meeting
※Online and offline support

Venue Arrangement / Local Buyer Listing, Arrangement / MC, Arrangement of Interpreter / Correspondence to Various Secretariat Offices

Sales call

List up of local travel agencies / Arrangement of appointments / Arrangement of vehicles for visiting / Arrangement of business negotiation interpreters / Various on-site support

Interpretation and translation support

We can interpret in multiple languages ​​such as English, Indonesian, Thai, and Chinese, and translate various business documents.
Consecutive interpretation and simultaneous interpretation can be arranged according to the content

Invitation promotion

Invitation of local travel agencies, media, influencers, etc. / Executive correspondence / Tour Scheduling / Local attendance, etc.

Influencer promotion

Influencer, listing / plan, planning / report creation and analysis

Social Media promotion

Social Media Proposal / Planning Planning / Creative Production / Production Direction / Report Creation/ Analysis

Secretariat operation

Support by staff familiar with inbound business / Support in multiple languages ​​such as Japanese, English, and other languages
/ Correspondence analysis from support such as customs clearance, such as cargo transportation from Japan, to cargo receipt

Entertainment &

From live concert of Japanese artists, fan meeting, to media promotion, social media promotion using Tiktok, Youtube, Instagram KOL, we provide one stop service and full support from planning to execution.

Venue location scouting

Venue list creation / Venue detailed document creation / Reservation support, negotiation / Event application support

Media promotion

Media listing / planning / media tour arrangement / press conference / on-site media support
/ production direction

Influencer marketing

Local influencer list up / planning / production direction

Creative production

2D design production / 3D design production / multilingual translation of copy manuscript / production direction

Immigration support

Special support at the airport when entering Indonesia / Support for visa application and acquisition / Arrangement of various transportation vehicles / Arrangement of itinerary during stay
/ Arrangement of vehicle attendant

Production executive

Event application support / Arrangement of promoters / Arrangement of local vendors / Travel planning support for related parties / Support for overseas transportation / Various production support

Indonesia expansion support

We make proposals based on market research, such as whether there is demand in the market for the products and services currently provided when entering the market, and what kind of improvements can be made to discover more demand.

Market research

We research and analyze the supply and demand in the country, identifying business opportunites and challenges.

Test marketing

Together with market research, we will provide opportunities for local people to actually try out the products and services we plan to provide, and deliver the voices of local people.

Distributor matching

We will connect with local distributors interested in our offerings and arrange potential partnerships.

Staff introduction


Started working in Indonesia in 2013. From the launch of the Jakarta branch office to the present, we have survived the corona disaster while being tossed in the rough seas, and are struggling while dreaming of an Asian bubble! An elegant Kansai native born in Hyogo Prefecture. After working in the industry in Tokyo since my 20s, it's time to move to Asia! It will soon be my 10th year as an expatriate in Indonesia. Under the slogan, "Japanese quality in Asia!", we work exclusively in the Kansai dialect, from employee education to on-site management. I have traveled all over Asia for business trip projects, and I am still pushing forward with the determination to bury my bones in Indonesia, even though I have experienced many numbing field experiences. I have traveled to Bali more than 30 times, I love Bali, I love hot pot! Through our work based in Indonesia, we hope that as many people as possible in Asia will love Japan and become fans of Japan, and we will continue to do our best to contribute to Japan!


Graduated from the Japanese Department of the University of Indonesia. Acquired Japanese Language Proficiency Test N2. Currently challenging the Japanese Language Proficiency Test N1! A cat enthusiast who lives with eight cats at home. Joined a new graduate in 2016 while working part-time at a cat cafe and event since college. She has a calm personality and is a solid person who notices even the smallest details. She is mainly in charge of 2D and 3D graphic design, and his design sense with a Japanese taste is perfect! We look forward to working with you from Japan.
*Language support: Indonesian, English, Japanese


Graduated from the Japanese Department of the University of Indonesia. Acquired Japanese Language Proficiency Test N2. Joined as a new graduate in 2018 after studying abroad at Fukui University. I love Japanese food, I love chawanmushi, salmon, and potato salad, and I'm a super otaku about Pokemon, Japanese anime, and entertainment! She's always cheerful and energetic, and prefers working in the field rather than desk work. She's mainly in charge of entertainment projects. An event-loving girl who goes out to watch live performances and events when she has time on her days off! She is also in charge of anime events held in Japan and is accustomed to business trips to Tokyo.
*Language support: Indonesian, English, Japanese


Graduated from the Japanese Department of the University of Indonesia. Acquired Japanese Language Proficiency Test N2. Joined in 2022 after studying at the University of Fukui and working at a Japanese land operator company. A girl who loves Japan, loves traveling, and loves Japanese manga and anime! The speed of research, document creation, and on-site response is excellent. A healthy girl who grew up in Indonesia but doesn't like spicy food and loves light Japanese food.
*Language support: Indonesian, English, Japanese


Graduated from the Japanese Department of the University of Indonesia. Joined as a new graduate in 2023 after completing a relationship program at Kyoto University. Currently adjusting to acquire Japanese language decision N3! A girl who loves Japanese anime, dramas, movies and Johnny's idol groups! She is the eldest of five siblings and has a calm personality.
*Language support: Indonesian, English, Japanese